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We Pioneered The Customized Watch Industry

It started with 200 customized Omega watches. And though a lot of time has passed since that first order, we’re still the leading provider of customized watches in the multi-million dollar industry we helped create. More importantly, our passion for quality craftsmanship, innovative customization options, and unequaled customer satisfaction is still the driving force behind this three-generation family company.

Jack Seligson started the dream in 1935, opening a small jewelry store founded on the highest-quality products and sincere, personal service. His reputation for delivering on those core values helped him build the business from that single store to a successful chain of 47 locations across 15 states.

It was Jack’s son-in-law, Larry, who led the company into the promotional watch business. He saw a future in recognition items for company incentive programs and promotions, and he was right. Among their many achievements, the company launched a successful custom watch program for Phillips Petroleum—over 5,000 watches were ordered—and became the exclusive timepiece manufacturer for one of the top five most valuable brands in the world.

In 2020, the company came full circle with its acquisition of Belair Time Corporation—the leading supplier of private label watches to independent jewelers. 85 years after the opening of its first retail store, Selco returned to the retail market as a supplier to the types of stores that Selco’s founder once ran. For decades, Selco had been both a customer and supplier for Belair. Now, Selco’s extensive capabilities enable them to offer expanded services to Belair customers, such as engraving and custom packaging.

Today, Larry’s son, Mark, runs the business, combining his grandfather’s passion for personal service, his dad’s drive for truly outstanding quality, and his own dedication to innovation in production and watch customization.

While other companies continue to expand their product offering to include anything and everything, Selco remains focused on one thing: the absolute best customized watches available today. That’s why we’re the only promotional watch company in the American Watch Association. And that’s why whether it’s our own brands, high-end names like Movado and Seiko, or price points ranging from $15 to $150,000, Selco will always be the watch source of choice.

We Work with Great Brands