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Got a question? Chances are, someone’s asked it before. Look below for some of the most common questions.

Yes, there are always other strap color options and usually options for different patterns and materials.

There might be an upcharge.  If the watch is from the Selco Geneve or A*Belle line then there are probably color options at no additional charge but if you are looking for something specific, there is likely to be an upcharge.  If Selco sources the strap, it could slow the order down a little but there are great companies in the U.S. that supply great strap and band options.  Contact Selco for details.

Selco has over 40 brand partners including Movado, Baume & Mercier and Tag Heuer in the mid-level luxury range, Fossil, Bulova, Citizen, and Seiko which are priced perfectly for recognition programs, Ebel and Michelle on the high end and many others. We work with fashion lines to bring them into the industry like Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Diesel. And we offer brands that have unique attributes like Jord Wood Watches. Check out our product section to get a taste of the brands we offer.

ATM stands for Atmospheres.  It is a measurement of the amount of pressure a watch can withstand.  1 ATM = 10 meters or 33.3 feet.  A watch must be at least 3 ATM (30 meters or 100 feet) to be considered water resistant.  Watches typically range from 3 ATM to 10 ATM for entry level divers watches and up to 20,000 ATM, only from our partner, CX Swiss Military.

Watches are never considered watch proof because there is always a condition in which water can get in, and once it does, the face and inner workings will be ruined. The term water resistant is used instead. Usually when a watch that is water resistant gets water inside, it is cause by a case back not installed properly, a crown not pushed in fully or a screw down crown not screwed in properly.

Selco can make a new dial for and cover the date or day/date window for many watches but not all.  The replacement dial can be a flat dial with printed markers and a printed logo or it can be a die struck medallion dial with a raised and polished logo.  Not all watch lines permit dial replacement so contact Selco for details.

All watches come in standard packaging provided by the watch manufacturer including all of Selco’s brands.  Selco also offers other options that can be utilized with any brand offered.  If you need wood, metal, prefer paper and many other choices, Selco can help.  Selco also has sources for unusual sized and shaped products, can source something custom and can pull from domestic suppliers.

Selco can also customize packaging with logos or supply completely custom packaging if the quantity and budget is right.

There are not many good sources of truly American made watches but new companies are coming a long every day. Selco is working to develop watches made in America but in the meantime, we do offer USA made watch dials, union assembly services and an American production facility that does nearly all of our customization, assembly, packaging and shipping.

Selco partners with Union Local ????? to do assembly work on Selco Geneve and A*Belle watch upon request.

Selco can support gifting and sizing events utilizing is 40+ brand partners.  Contact Selco for details.

Many brands have rules on how their product can be decorated and Selco keeps track of these rules to keep your warranty in force. Selco is a dial manufacturer but some of our partners will not warranty a watch if the dial is changed out while others brands are okay with the change. Although we do not run into it often, some brands have restrictions on logos from certain industries. Selco can walk you through the process to ensure there are not any surprises with the brand you chose.

Selco has access to nearly all of the watches provided by each brand. Because we work with so many brands, and each brand offers a large selection, we try to support best sellers and watches that fill a price point of gap in our overall lineup on our website. If we work with the brand in general, then we almost certainly have access to the specific watch you are looking for as long as the manufacture has stock in the U.S.

While we think there are a lot of advantages to buying watches from Selco, we will do contract work on your watches. We cannot always guarantee warranties if the watch is not purchased from Selco but we take care of timepiece the same if we sell it or if you send it to us. Contact Selco for contract pricing.

Yes, Selco can handle drop ship programs.  We ship with UPS, FedEx and USPS. We can import your lists directly to ensure accuracy and we can help consult on the best method to send out your drop ship programs.

Yes, Selco offers virtual samples.

Selco offers the largest variety of customization methods in the watch industry. Our go to customization methods have traditionally been pad printing logos on the watch face, making a new dial featuring a raised and polished logo and case back engraving using a diamond. Since 2012, Selco has pioneered full color digital printing for packaging and watch dials, laser engraving on presentation boxes, straps, watch dials, and many other surfaces, and a combination of all of these processes to make new and unique looks for watches, watch packaging and virtually any other hard good. In 2020, Selco added hot stamping including the capability to foil stamp.

Yes, Selco has many partners that offer wearable technology. Selco can supply activity trackers, full WearOS Watches (formerly Adroid Wear), and hybrids from many of our partner brands. Selco can customize many of these items either on straps, on packaging and in a few cases, on the face.

Selco does not have any university or corporate licenses. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure they have the right to use the logo they are providing. Selco might question the right of the buyer to use the logo if the address does not seem to match with a reasonable use for the license holder.

If the watch is initially provided by one of our partners that has certified Selco to work on their watch, then your warranty is still in tact. If we feel the watch will not be under after we customize it, we will warn you of our concern.

Selco has something for every budget, from our own exclusive brands to name-brand options that range from quite affordable to high-end luxury.

Watches can be used for a variety of purposes: as a fashion accessory, a way to show pride in a team or organization, as an incentive, as an award or recognition, and many other ways. Check out Selco U for more information.

Selco offers low quantities on many styles and brands of watches. As few as 4 or as many as 4,000, we’ll work with you to find the best match.

Typically a custom imprint dial takes 2-3 weeks.

Typically a custom medallion dial takes 2-4 weeks.

Selco carries a variety of name-brand smart watches, and can customize them in most cases. Contact Selco for details.

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