Add A Unique Touch To Your Customized Watch

The watch face isn’t the only palette for customization. With Selco’s precision engraving capabilities, we can add a logo, name, or message to case backs, as well as metal watch bands. Engraving can take recognition and award timepieces to the next level through customization that is unique to each specific recipient.

Straight Line Engraving
A company tagline, an inspirational quote, names, and dates… our straight-line engraving gives you the ability to personalize each piece. Consider how much the recipient will appreciate a watch custom-crafted with a message specifically for them. This personalized touch makes the watch a keepsake they will cherish forever and pass down for generations.

Logo Engraving
Universally recognized as some of the most meaningful recognition gifts, custom-engraved timepieces carry a high-end, luxurious feel. Our state-of-the-art engraving capabilities allow us to add not only messages to your watch, but the most intricate, detailed logos as well.

Put Our Reputation To The Test

We’re more than the Original Logo Watch Company, we’re the go-to source for awards, reward and recognition programs, incentives and custom gifts. Why risk your reputation with anyone else?