Striking Choices For Luxurious Customization

The most opulent customization options for any high-end timepiece have always been jewel accents. But you don’t have to break the bank. With Selco, you can offer your clients options ranging from inexpensive colored stones all the way up to the ultimate expression of luxury, a crystal-clear diamond.

Diamond Accents
Regardless of the amount of customization you add to a watch, a diamond is the crowning touch. Elegant and timeless, diamond accents add an air of distinction to any custom timepiece. Let us help you find the perfect watch/diamond combination for your premium recognition or award offering.

Other Stones
Selco offers beautiful, two-point genuine precious stones in a variety of colors to compliment your client’s company colors. Our experts will work with you to select the right look and price point for your program.

Put Our Reputation To The Test

We’re more than the Original Logo Watch Company, we’re the go-to source for awards, reward and recognition programs, incentives and custom gifts. Why risk your reputation with anyone else?